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Martin Sahula

Martin Sahula

Profesionál obchodu a projektového řízení. Po práci fotograf a lektor celým srdcem. Fotografování se věnuje již 16 let. Jeho doménou je především minimalistická fotografie architektury, dlouhodobě se věnuje kompozici a koncertní fotografii. Během svého fotografického vývoje vystřídal analogové i...

Popis: The course is in three steps. First, participants are acquainted with the theory of this popular discipline and discuss pitfalls and technicalities. Then it’s out to the streets to try to apply the new knowledge to practice. Finally, there is a post-outing discussion upon return, and the best photo will be announced.

Cíl kurzu: The aim of the course is that every participant unlearns the habit of taking random pictures of street scenes without forethought and raises the bar on the quality of his work and how to see his surroundings as a photographer. This requires not only correct control and camera settings or awareness of composition, but often overcoming shyness when it comes to shooting strangers. Last but not least, photography is fun. Make a picture, or better yet, a series of pictures to enjoy the pleasure for yourself and those around you.

Komu je kurz určen: This course is designed for intermediate and advanced photographers who want to improve their street photography, whether in day-to-day life, or on trips abroad, from which they would like to return with stunning photos.

Potřebné vybavení: DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera.


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